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Working principle of bucket elevators

Working principle of bucket elevators

A bucket elevator, also called a grain leg, is a mechanism for hauling flowable bulk materials  vertically. The term bucket elevator generally refer to belt and bucket elevators and pendulum bucket elevators.

● Belt Bucket Elevators:

This belt and bucket elevator is specially designed for conveying the finely graduated materials and the basic component of this bucket elevator are the buckets, drums and bucket elevator belts. Buckets are fixed directly to the belt, and then the bulk product is poured into the inlet and falls into the buckets.

The motor drives the head drum to move the belt and buckets, and finally the product will reach the head drum and discharged by the centrifugal force generated as the bucket moves around the radius of the drum. This kind of bucket elevator is self-supporting, and it can transport the items smoothly and operate almost noiseless.

–The conveyor belt is made of food grade PP material and made by mold method, with good appearance, not easily deformed, can bear high and low temperature.

– The machine allows for controlled feeds at one or more locations and can easily interface with various types of feeding devices

–The conveyors are easy to install and disassemble, and the belt can be washed by water directly.


● Pendulum bucket elevator

A pendulum bucket conveyor consists of 2 chains, a series of sprockets, and the buckets. The chains on the sprockets are in parallel. The bucket is then suspended between the chains, and move around the circuit as the sprockets are turned.

As the buckets are not attached to the chains, they are free to swing and remain upright throughout the circuit. The filling mode of the pendulum bucket elevator system is similar to that of the belt and bucket, and the product falling in through the inlet in a controlled manner. At the discharge, however, pendulum buckets need to be actively tipped. The buckets are fitted with a cam, which engages with a ramp that tips the buckets, emptying out the product.

–One shot lifting of grain material, such as corn, food, fodder and chemical industry, etc.

–The electromagnetism oscillator make the food, other material transport stable, evenly and fast.

–The single bucket elevator is used to the packaging system widely.

–It occupies small room with low running noise, simple operation and easy cleaning.


● Continuous bucket conveyors

Continuous vertical lift conveyor are specially designed for transport fragile or light material. They move at much slower speeds, and there is no gap between buckets to prevent any spillage. The material pours out of the bucket and slides down the inverted bucket ahead into the discharge chute.

Even though the buckets will scoop up some material from the boot, this elevator is designed with a higher feed inlet to allow the majority of material to flow directly into the buckets. The design of this bucket conveyor greatly prevents products from damage and degradation.


As a leader in the bulk material industry, Focusconveyor is one of the bucket elevator exporters in China has refined and enhanced its various types of bucket elevator offerings for vertical as well as horizontal transport and for varying materials. Our products mainly includes bucket elevator, belt conveyor, screw conveyor, gravity conveyor, spiral conveyor, etc.

Our principle is to minimize the costs while optimize the production efficiency. What we produce are mostly with customized sizes. We design and offer solution based on the actual application scene, for example, the factory size, material, production capacity, etc.

We are committed to designing and manufacturing premium conveyors which are widely applied in various industries, such as plastic, electronic, chemical, food, textile, printing, medicine, which greatly improve the working efficiency and lower the labor costs.
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