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Purchasing Guide for Bucket Conveyors

Purchasing Guide for Bucket Conveyors

Bucket elevator is made specifically to address the safe transport of items, the different types of bucket elevator are designed depending on the purpose it serves. Bucket elevator conveyor can be used horizontally, but most bucket conveyors are designed with vertically, thus they are popular choice for vertical conveying or incline conveying. This article will present an understanding of what bucket type conveyor are and their types.

Types of Bucket Elevator Conveyor Systems

There are various types of bucket elevator available as per their applications. And according to the working principle, the main type of bucket elevator conveyor can be divided into single bucket elevator, pendulum bucket conveyor and continuous Bucket Conveyor.

● Single bucket elevator

The single bucket elevator are perfect for high-speed performances and are bi-​directional to assist in sorting out the products at the same time.

► One shot lifting of grain material, such as corn, food, fodder and chemical industry, etc.

► The electromagnetism oscillator make the food, other material transport stable, evenly and fast.

► The single bucket elevator is used to the packaging system widely.

► It occupies small room with low running noise, simple operation and easy cleaning.


● Continuous Bucket Conveyor

Compared to other bucket type conveyor, throwing action is eliminated with this machine because it operates in at a slower speed. The continuous bucket conveyor is designed specially for conveying fragile or light materials, and it is suitable for gental material handling. There is no gap between buckets to prevent any spillage.

►  Spillage-free operation: Two neighbouring buckets are connected to each other by a flexible connecting flap. Thus there is no gap between buckets, which guarantee the material cannot trickle down between the buckets.

► High capacities: the conveying speed can up to 30m3/h.

►  Sanitary design: The dust-tight construction ensure no contamination from the surrounding environment, and also it is smooth inside the machine and nowhere to hide dust.

►  Gentle feeding: The conveyed material falls out of the bucket due to the influence of gravity instead of ejecting, which avoid the damage and degradation of the materials.5.

►  It adopt rubber block chain that ensures low noise, maintenance-free operation, high tensile strength, abrasion resistant, lubrication free and corrosion free.


● Pendulum bucket elevator

This kind of machine operates slowly, and it can be used to deliver some fragile products like crisps. Moreover, this system is flexible, which can be moved vertically, horizontally, or at an incline.
The main forms of this bucket elevator include z type, c type, and horizontal type. Focusconveyor manufacture high quality z type bucket elevator, c type bucket elevator , horizontal Bucket Conveying in China. Its working principle and characteristics are the similar, and they are used for conveying granular and small block material horizontally,  vertically. It has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, large lifting height, good sealing performance.


As one of the z type bucket elevator manufacturers in China, Focusconveyor provides the best quality service and products.

► The buckets have a quick release mechanism to facilitate fast installation or removal of buckets.

► All elevators are equipped with an automatic chain tension device and built-in overload protection.

► All parts have easy to remove inspection covers and a conveniently located inspection window.

►The buckets are made of food grade reinforced polypropylene, molded in one piece and can handle temperatures from -10 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

►The vertical bucket elevator allow for controlled feeds at one or more locations and can easily interface with various types of feeding devices.

►All parts have easy to remove inspection covers and a conveniently located inspection window.


Single bucket elevator, continuous bucket conveyor and pendulum bucket elevator are differ in many aspects, such as construction and application, but they all have their own benefits. You have to take your requirement and your budget into consideration before you making a purchasing decision.

Focusconveyor is one of the bucket elevator manufacturers in China and we are committed to designing and manufacturing premium conveyors. If you are still struggling to choose the model of bucket conveyor, don't hesitate to contact us !

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