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All You Need To Know About Conveyor System II

What is Converyor System?

Conveyor system is consist of a group of conveyors, so as to create a safer, economical conveyor line and accomplish the common task together. Though conveyors have common benefits but each of them has unique characteristic. Thus different bucket elevator conveyor systems are chosen for different based on specific applications.

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All you need to know about conveyor system

What Includes In A Conveyor System?

To determine the parts of your conveyor system, you should know about the product information that you are going to transport, the transporting process, and the appropriate equipment which suits for you.

● Product information: size, shape, quantity, nature, weight, temperature, etc.
● Transporting process: conveyor length, cycle time, speed, operators, load or unload method, etc.

1. Box erector

● easy to operate
● man- machine interface, PLC control system, high efficiency
● Adopt high-quality accessories to ensure the stable running of machine

Touch Sreen 7 inches
Speed 12-16 boxes/minute
Box size L:120-170mm W: 90-110mm
Voltage 220V, 50HZ
Power 600W

2. Automatic box packing machine
Box packing machine is intelligent, continuous automatic cartoning equipment, suitable for packing bottles, blisters, tubes, ampoules, and other products.

3. Box closing machine

The box closing machine, also available with automatic flap closing, seals the boxes in an economical, beautiful, qualitative way and takes away.
Touch Sreen 7 inches
Speed 12-16 boxes/minute
Box size L:120-170mm W: 90-110mm
Voltage 220V, 50HZ
Power 600W

4. Weight checker
Weight Checker is used to detect whether the weight of a single product is consistent with the set target weight, and reject unqualified products by automatic sorting devices.

5. Carton Erector
The carton erector erects flat carton blanks of different designs and carton structures into cartons – with and without lids. Focusconveyor provides some of the best carton and case erectors available on the market.

6. Carton sealing machine
Carton sealing machine are used to seal individual packages and containers with liquids, powders, sprays, and other similar contents. Focusconveyor  Automatic Carton Sealing Machines are ideal for high-volume sealing for a production run of same-sized boxes. 
Carton size max 500*500mm
Carton size min 150*160*130mm
Sealing Speed 700-1200 cartons/hour
Table Height 580-780mm
Tape Material BOPP, PVC
Voltage 220V,50HZ
Power 0.4KW

7. Strapping Machine
● User-friendly. It allows operator to choose between panel mounted controls, foot pedal or table top ball switch
● The tightening force is strong and does not slip and the tooth structure is bonded.
● High-strength cutting knife with good performance and long service life.
● Easy to operate and maintenance.

8. Real-Time Labeling machine

● it occupies less space and convenient to put in the assembly line
● it adopt product guide gap elimination mechanism and label anti-offset mechanism. The label positioning accuracy can be up to +/-1mm
● good stability, smooth labeling, no winkles and bubbles.

9. Laser printer
● It cannot be smeared or changed, and the mark is clear and permanent, so the anti-counterfeiting effect is more obvious
● High efficiency, low operation cost and maintenance free.


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All You Need To Know About Conveyor System I

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