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Why Choose Easy-to-clean PU Belt Conveyor

Why Choose Easy-to-clean PU Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is consisted of two powered pulleys with a continuous loop of belting material used to convey products. It is typically used for conveying products over long distances at high speed, or for incline/decline applications.

In food industry, The belt conveyor is usually used to convey material up to the weighing equipment in the automatic packaging line. The food grade belt we can choose is usually PP or PU, and the easy-to-clean belt we talk today is also a kind of PU belt. It uses polyurethane as the main body and stretch-resistant aramid yarn as the backbone for one-time extrusion. This structure has no cloth layer and no cracks, which eliminates the hidden danger of layering of the conveyor belt and the space that is prone to breed bacteria, and thus greatly reduces the time for cleaning the conveyor belt.

Except for its special structure, the easy-to-clean pu belt conveyor is also very easy to install and disassemble, it only take several minutes without any instruments. So it is very easy to maintain. 

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