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Pendulum Bucket Conveyor: Leading Packaging System

The pendulum bucket conveyor is the specialized solution for you to ship the bulk materials from one or multiple feed points to a central discharge with high capacity. Pendulum conveyor can be used to transport a wide range of free-flowing materials in the food, agriculture, chemical industry, such as confectionery, peanuts, rice, and other granules. The basic structure of a pendulum bucket conveyor comprises 2 rubber chains running in parallel and the pendulum buckets suspended between them. The buckets are able to swing. There is no connection between neighbouring buckets, which means that each bucket can be individually tipped or ratated. 
Z Type Stainless Steel Bucket Conveyor

 This pendulum conveyor is flexible and it can be used to transport fragile items, such as crisps. The main forms of this bucket elevator include z type, c type, and horizontal type. It features large lifting height, low running noise, good sealing performance.


► Buckets can be installed or released really soon because of the quick release mechanism.
► Automatic chain tension device and built-in overload protection is equipped to guarantee the safety of operation.
► All parts have easy to remove inspection covers and a conveniently located inspection window.

Model FM-3B3 Bucket conveyor
Bucket Volume 1.0L/1.8L/3.8L/6.5L
Machine Structure Stainless steel or carbon steel
Production Capacity 2-3.5m³/h / 4-6m³/h / 6.5-8m³/h / 8.5-12m³/h
Machine Height 3296mm for standard (1.8L)
Discharging Height 3256mm for standard (1.8L)
Hopper Material Food grade PP, ABS, Stainless steel
Packing Size 2050mmX1350mmX980mmfor standard (1.8L)
Voltage AC220V or three phase 380V, 50hz/60hz
Power Supply 0.75kw


Pendulum bucket elevator is especially suitable for the gentle and hygienic transportation of bulkable and pourable foodstuffs. The interaction of the food-safe, corrosion-resistant, and lubricant-free rubber chain can help you to convey items safely and efficiently. Contact us today for more details!

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