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How to Clean a Bucket Elevator

Compared with other types of conveying systems on the market, bucket elevators are more time-consuming to clean, because their bucket design makes the cleaning work more difficult. You may find it harder to clean if the bucket is located on the deeper side because the bucket does not have enough space for you to access the inside of the bucket. In this article, we will tell you how to clean the parts of the used bucket elevator easily.

● Material

The cleaning method depends on the items you transport because the food safety cleaning options for non-food materials and food are different. At the same time, you can only transport the same materials on the same bucket elevator to ensure that there is no cross-infection.
Customized Multi-outlets China Bucket Elevator for Sale
Customized Multi-outlets China Bucket Elevator for Sale

Parameter of z type bucket elevator conveyor

Model FM-3B3 China bucket elevator
Bucket Volume Customized(minimum 40L, Maximum 100L)
Machine Structure Stainless steel or carbon steel
Production Capacity Based on the running speed and bucket volume
Machine Height Customized
Discharging Height Customized
Hopper Material 304 stainless steel or carbon steel
Voltage AC220V or three phase 380V, 50hz/60hz
Power Supply 0.75kw

● Buckets

The cleaning of the bucket elevator parts should be periodic. Perform the necessary daily cleaning once a day, and perform deep cleaning once a year. Buckets have a life cycle. With a scheduled downtime, you should then remove the buckets from the elevator. Don’t try to clean the buckets while still attached as this opens up the possibility of injuries.

What’s more, you don’t remove the buckets from the elevator, it leaves debris or cleaning solution within the buckets. After the operation, you need to check whether the bucket is old or damaged, and then repair or replace it.

1. Alcohol wipes

Usually, we use alcohol wipes to clean the bucket, because alcohol can easily remove debris and dirt, and even grease.

2. Steam cleaning.

 If you don't have the downtime required to completely dry the bucket, steam cleaning can be very helpful.

3. Vacuum and compressed air method

If time is not enough, you can always use a vacuum and compressed air methods for local cleaning.


purchasing a industrial bucket elevator is a hefty investment, you need to be certain the bucket elevator you purchase has undergone extensive testing to ensure its quality and safety. Also, you have to take care of your machine if you have a bucket elevator. Even if you just use this machine to transport metals or plastics, you have to clean it from time to time, to keep it clean. 

If you can't stop cleaning your bucket, then you should consider investing in a double bucket. In this way, you can remove the used bucket for cleaning, and then swap in a clean storage bucket. Focusconveyor is one of the bucket elevator chain manufacturers in China, and we can provide We have three kinds of hoppers, stainless steel funnel (1.0L 3.6L 1.8L), PP funnel (1.0L 1.8L), ABS funnel (3.8L 6.5L 3.6L), all of which are food, granular, or strips. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to purchase buckets or buckets conveyors.


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