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Palletizing Machine

A palletizing machine system is including the palletizer, carton or bag feeding roller conveyor and fences, its significance lies in its ability to streamline processes, optimize space, and enhance overall productivity within manufacturing and warehousing environments.

Column Arm Palletizing Machine For Carton/Bag
Occupies a Small Space:
The machine base is only 1400*1400mm, save place and can achieve heay duty work.
Efficiency Redefined:
Can handle carton or bag 10-50kg per time, palletizing speed can reach 4-10 cartons or bags per minute.
Flexibility in Movement:
Arm activity radius is 700-1980 mm, column effective travel is 1850 mm, rotation angle is 160 degrees.
Technical Parameters:
Column Type Palletizer
Machine Material
Carbon steel, 304 stainless steel
Packing Speed
4-10 cartons or bags/minute (Depends on materials condition)
Pallet size
Weight range
Machine height
Palletizing height
Arm activity radius
700-1980 mm
Column effective travel
1850 mm
Rotation angle
160 degrees
380V, 3PH, Palletizer: 6kw Conveyor: 1.5kw

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