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Pendulum bucket conveyor is designed to transport bulk materials from one or multiple feed points to a central discharge with high capacity. It is suitable for a wide range of materials, such as rice, peanuts, salt, silicon material, active carbon, etc.


1. Spillage-free operation: Two neighbouring buckets are connected to each other by a flexible connecting flap. Thus there is no gap between buckets, which guarantee the material cannot trickle down between the buckets.
2. High capacities: the conveying speed can up to 30m3/h.
3. Sanitary design: The dust-tight construction ensure no contamination from the surrounding environment, and also it is smooth inside the machine and nowhere to hide dust.

4. Gentle feeding: The conveyed material falls out of the bucket due to the influence of gravity instead of ejecting, which avoid the damage and degradation of the materials.5. 
5. It adopt rubber block chain that ensures low noise, maintenance-free operation, high tensile strength, abrasion resistant, lubrication free and corrosion free.

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Pendulum Bucket Conveyor: Specialized Solutions For Bulk Material

Technical Parameters:

Model FM-P670 Pendulum Bucket Conveyor
Bucket Volume 6.7L
Machine Structure Stainless steel or carbon steel
Production Capacity 13-15 m3/h
Machine Height Customized
Discharging Height Customzied
Hopper Material Food grade ABS
Voltage AC220V or three phase 380V, 50hz/60hz
Power Supply 1.5kw

Machine Details:

We are mainly focused on the customized designation of  machine according to per customer's real site dimension.
We have Z type, C type, bucket elevator with several outles to satisfy differnent application scene.